We focus on magazine market research, market segmentation research, subscriber surveys and circulation strategy

How does your team answer these questions?

  • What’s the best copy for renewal efforts?
  • What will convince prospects to convert?
  • What are your brand’s core attributes?
  • What does your competitive landscape look like?
  • What emotions drive subscriber retention?
  • In which context will your advertisers want to reach their audience?

From concept to execution to analysis, Spyglass Intelligence LLC offers independent, compelling research that will identify your publication’s core focus.

With experience in online and email marketing, psychology and questionnaire development, magazine market research and circulation strategy, and market segmentation research, Spyglass Intelligence LLC offers a turnkey solution for publishers who need to define the heart of their marketing.

Spyglass Intelligence LLC will help you leverage market research to build a coherent circulation strategy

Your brand needs a core message, a list of integral features about your offering that you can leverage in the marketplace. Among competitors, where do you stand out? Which words help your customers identify with your magazine? What feelings drive subscriber relationships with your business? Spyglass Intelligence LLC will help you find out.

If you’re a marketing executive at a specialty publishing company or in the magazine publishing business, we’re here to help you define your market research strategy using various techniques including subscriber surveys, focus groups and customer visits. Contact us to get started on a quote.